A Blob Manager for Developers

Restwords is a text blob manager. Sign up for free and get your restful text blob. Your text blob is yours and yours alone. You may use it to store any sort of text (anything that can be saved as an ASCII string). You can GET to retrieve your text and you can POST to change your stored text.

Your blob is just an HTTP request away from within your code, regardless of your programming language.

Get A Free Text Blob
  • Free For All Developers
  • We offer our services free of cost
  • Please see our registration page
  • No limit imposed on requests
  • Valid email required from a popular provider

  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Get your own REST endpoint
  • Store up to 2000 characters
  • Available via HTTP GET/POST
  • Authentication in request header

How it works
1 Sign up on the registration page to get your API token and secret.
2 Create an initial text blob (up to 2000 ASCII chars).
3 HTTP GET to your endpoint to retrieve your stored text.
4 HTTP POST to your endpoint to change your stored text.
5 You may delete your account (and make a new one) at any time.

Why a blob of text?
In your code, you can manipulate your stored blob however you like to accomplish some task. Your stored text blob will never change unless you POST to your endpoint with new text, or if you delete/reset your account.

You may make a GET to your endpoint (after registering and selecting an initial text blob), and you may also POST to your endpoint as well to update your text blob. Some may find this useful for such things as saving/sharing data between separate programs/jobs or sharing data between programs running on different machines. You're welcome to use the service however you see fit.